This section answers any questions you may have about the current proposals for the Abbey Street development. However, if you need more information you can contact us directly.

What funding do you have in place currently?

The Council is acting in a developer role with development management expertise provided by Queensberry. The Council will drive development, with the required funding approved by the Council’s Cabinet early this year.

Further funding has been provided through two grants from the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership and West Midlands Combined Authority.

Why are these proposals so important?

We need to make sure the town centre provides people with the types of facilities they need on their doorstep to make Nuneaton an attractive destination.

The Abbey Street development is a very exciting and hugely important step in the vision for ‘Transforming Nuneaton’, which is even more important as the town plans its post Covid-19 economic recovery.

These proposals will help boost economic growth in the town and provide new employment opportunities. Ultimately, it will bring forward a thriving new town centre destination that the people of Nuneaton deserve and can be proud of.

What type of occupiers will be targeted?

The focus will be on bringing in a mix of high street brands and independents as part of the retail, food and drink and leisure offer. Absolutely critical will be the drive to bring new entrants to the town, complementing the existing provision but adding in brands that offer something new and distinctive.

The hotel will be operated by a well-known international brand. 

How will this support the rest of the town?

These regeneration plans involve creating the infrastructure for Nuneaton to thrive: boosting footfall to the whole town centre, establishing a new diverse leisure offer that will strengthen the day time and night time economy; and increasing the number of people who work and live in the town centre.

It will be a significant investment, creating jobs, sustaining, and strengthening the economic future of the town as well as creating a vibrant, attractive town for residents now and in the future to enjoy.

How will the scheme be delivered?

It is important to bear in mind that this is just the start of the planning process for the Abbey Street development. The plans laid out here will be delivered in two distinct phases. Phase One will bring forward the hotel. The remaining facilities, including the food hall, residential area, cinema and leisure facilities and multi-storey car park, would be delivered as part of Phase Two.

Why do the proposals include residential accommodation?

There is a growing demand for residential accommodation within town centres across the country, and especially in Nuneaton.

Bringing people to live in the town centre helps create a vibrant feel to the area, increasing footfall throughout the day and evening, and helping to create a safer environment for all.

Will any buildings be retained?

The ambition from the design team is to retain as many buildings of quality as is possible within the site. The buildings facing onto new century way will be demolished and the buildings facing onto Abbey Street and Queens Road are to be retained but will be subject to further in-depth surveys to assess the condition of these buildings.

Will businesses need to close to allow the development to happen?

We will work closely with all the current businesses on the site to support them before and during the development process and will be in touch in due course.

Why is this consultation virtual?

We are keen to engage with local businesses, community groups and the wider community. However, due to the current government restrictions on public gatherings and the requirement for some people to self-isolate, our consultation process has been designed to take advantage of the benefits of digital technology.

How will you respond to feedback?

Once the consultation has closed, we will review the feedback and incorporate any changes to the plans where appropriate. We’ll then collate all of the feedback, along with our responses, into a document called a Statement of Community Involvement which will be submitted as part of the planning application.