The Site

The Abbey Street development is at the northern end of the town centre. The site includes the Heart of England Co-op Society’s Head Office building, land on Abbey Street and Queens Road and the Abbey Street car park. 

The Co-operative Society was a significant presence on Abbey Street from the early 20th Century and its role in the town grew rapidly as it occupied large sections of the south side of Abbey Street, eventually extending into Queens Road. 

The departure of the Co-operative Society opens a new chapter in the history of Nuneaton town centre. Bringing forward an opportunity to create a new type of development that brings more people together in a town centre Nuneaton deserves and can be proud of. 

The Location 

The Abbey Street development site lies to the west of Nuneaton Town Centre. Covering 2.3 hectares it is within easy reach of the train and bus stations making it an ideal location for new retail and leisure uses. Vehicle access to the site is from Abbey Street and there is an additional service access from Roanne Ringway.